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100cell Metal Cat Converters

all sizes from 2"- 2.25"- 2.5"- 3" 100cell


prices from $300.00 fitted


Flexi Joint is the flexible tube covered with braid stainless mess, it is useful to prevent exhaust component cracking from vibration.
Sizes: 2'',2.25'',2.5'',3'',3.5''
Mandrel Bends

Mandrel Bends
Mandrel Bends is the vital components for performence exhaust. It minimize exhaust gas flow back pressure by mantain the equal diameter along the bends.
There are two options of bends in different materials:
1)304 grade stainless steel bends.
2)mild steel mandrel bends.

Two-bolt Flanges: 2",2.25",3",3.5"
Three-bolt Flanges: 3",3.5"
Four-bolt Flanges: 2.5",3",3.5"
Turbo Flanges: T3,T4
Manifold Flanges: SR20,RB20/25,EJ20/25

ss inductions

A full range of ss induction is available jus ring or email for a quote



a price list will be available shortly

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